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European Sustainable Energy Week
News blog14 May 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Be inspired and create connections at EUSEW’s Energy Fair 2024

Be inspired and create connections at EUSEW’s Energy Fair 2024

By 2050, half of Europe's renewable energy could be produced by its citizens, largely thanks to the widespread involvement of communities, governments, and industries, according to the European Commission. This empowers citizens to collectively invest in energy projects. With this vision in mind, and with collaboration as a core principle, the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2024 Energy Fair will showcase the potential of these initiatives.

As a significant feature of EUSEW, the Energy Fair will take place parallel to the EUSEW Policy Conference in Brussels, from 11 to 13 June. 

Open to all onsite attendees at EUSEW 2024, the Energy Fair offers a chance to engage with key stakeholders advocating for energy efficiency and renewable sources. Attendees will discover effective policies, gain insights, and foster innovation aimed at achieving the EU’s energy and climate objectives.

Presenting the exhibitors

The exhibitors at the Energy Fair represent a diverse array of stakeholders deeply engaged in shaping the future of energy. Designed to be a dynamic presentation of perspectives and initiatives, the Energy Fair hosts 35 stands. These include industry and professional organisations, as well as European, national, regional and local representative associations, NGOs, youth associations, and more, all bringing their expertise and insights. 

The industry and professional associations will present tools and initiatives focused on net-zero and climate strategies. The presence of EU-funded projects underscores the collaborative efforts driving innovation and progress in the sector. Complementing these are European institutions, providing invaluable policy perspectives and guidance. 

Furthermore, the national/regional/local associations will contribute their unique perspectives and experiences. The participation of NGOs underscores the broad societal interest and engagement in energy matters. 

A glimpse into the discussion

At the core of this discussion is the push for young people to get involved in the EU’s fair energy transition. Several stands will highlight how crucial the next generation is and encourage collaboration among policymakers, industry leaders, and European youth. 

The Energy Fair will also highlight the contribution of local and regional actors in driving the clean energy transition. The role of SMEs in addressing specific challenges and offering practical solutions will be featured. Similarly, stands focusing on digital energy solutions will showcase tools for energy savings, efficiency, and energy communities.

This is just a glimpse of what awaits you at the Energy Fair. Prepare to be inspired by participants who are showing the way to a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable energy landscape for generations to come.

Check the list of organisations participating in the Energy Fair.