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European Sustainable Energy Week
Novinový článok5. júla 2022Európska výkonná agentúra pre klímu, infraštruktúru a životné prostredie

How EUSEW 2022 is planning for a brighter energy future: the young protagonists


The European Year of Youth is about empowering young people to play an active role in Europe’s future, and giving youth a say in Europe’s energy transition is vital to achieve this. The European Youth Energy Day at the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2022 is inviting young people from across European countries to share their vision for Europe’s energy transition and highlight initiatives that are already making it a reality.  

Discussions will begin with an exploration of Europe’s future energy independence in a Youth Policy Dialogue with EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson. The focus will then turn to how our energy future will look in 20 years. In addition, Policy Conference sessions throughout the week will explore building energy performance, investing in skills for the future and the EU’s solar strategy from the perspective of the European Year of Youth.  

Get to know some inspiring leaders in the field of sustainable energy who will share insights on their initiatives for a successful energy transition: 



‘There’s so many different avenues to impact and influence  

Silja Markkula is President of the European Youth Forum, an organisation acting as the voice of youth in Europe, encouraging young people to get actively involved in politics.

Register to EUSEW to hear her insights on youth rights and supporting youth civil society on Monday 26 September in the Youth Policy Dialogue on How to ensure Europe’s future energy independence is sustainable.


‘We are at the precipice of unprecedented advances in science and technology  

Hitika Shah is a PhD student at TU Dublin, Ireland. She is part of a project which aims to boost food sustainability by reducing the EU’s dependency on imported proteins. 

Hear why the confluence of food security, sustainability and energy security intrigues her on Monday 26 September in the Youth Policy Dialogue on How to ensure Europe’s future energy independence is sustainable


‘We want to have a business case for green fuels’ 

Robert Daschner is head of renewable energy at Fraunhofer, an organisation that focuses on bringing innovative research to real-life applications for the future.  

He will be presenting the importance of biofuels in the clean energy solutions mix for greener transport on Monday 26 September in the session on How will our energy future look in 20 years? 


'The most important thing is to educate citizens’  

Miguel Mósca is Youth lead at CEM/MI-4 and has worked on initiatives including the European Youth Energy Network and the Bable Smart Cities initiatives.  

Listen to Miguel talk engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship on Monday 26 September in the Youth Policy Dialogue on How to ensure Europe’s future energy independence is sustainable



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