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European Sustainable Energy Week
Artículo1 de abril de 2022Agencia Ejecutiva Europea de Clima, Infraestructuras y Medio Ambiente

Young Energy Trailblazer 2021: Meet the person behind the prize

Get inspired by 25-year-old Filip Koprčina, winner of the 2021 Young Energy Trailblazer Award and current EUSEW 2022 Digital Ambassador. Find out how he empowered citizens to invest in solar energy projects of their choice.

‘Invest in the change you want to see in the world’

Filip Koprčina founded Energy Shift, a blockchain-powered platform, to allow citizens to support and invest in solar energy projects around the world. The project responds to the twin needs of boosting solar energy production and democratising the clean energy transition by involving citizens in the process.

By offering any interested citizens the chance to invest in solar projects with fixed returns of 10-15%, green energy and its operations are placed in the hands of citizens. Investment returns are protected by Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) which ensure a set return on investments.

Having developed a passion for clean energy from an early age, Filip has been involved with numerous environmental organisations and raises awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with the European Solidarity Corps.

In addition to being accepted to the Youth Sustainable Energy Hub, Filip has secured funding for Energy Shift from the European Institute of Technology’s (EIT) Digital's Venture Programme and recently gained recognition by the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, which recognises his project as a financially viable response to tackling climate change.

Filip also lends his expertise as a member of the UN’s High-Level Dialogue on Energy as a Technical Working Group member and is a Climate Pact Ambassador for his country Croatia. With his work on Energy Shift, Filip is bringing the EU closer to the 2030 targets.

The two other finalists in the Young Energy Trailblazer category last year were Merve Güngör and Daniele Novara. Merve is in charge of communications at EKOenergy, an ecolabel recognising sustainable energy in order to encourage consumers to engage with the green energy transition. Daniele is the CEO and founder of Easy Hydro, which aims to commercialise modular, inexpensive and reliable water turbines.


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1 de abril de 2022
Agencia Ejecutiva Europea de Clima, Infraestructuras y Medio Ambiente