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European Sustainable Energy Week
Secretary General of Eurocities


Sobczak photo



André Sobczak works to empower cities in EU decision making through Eurocities, following two terms as Vice-President of the Nantes Metropolitan Area. He is forging new connections with academia, where he has a history of driving social and ecological change, spearheading initiatives on issues like gender equality and precarious employment. He leads with an approach of multi-level cooperation between the public sector, businesses and civil society for tangible positive impact.

"The impacts of the current energy crisis hit hardest in cities, but it is also in cities, where most people live and most energy is consumed, that we must look for the sustainable innovations that will guide us in the much needed energy transition. This includes measures to save energy, develop renewable energies, and democratise our energy use through local energy communities. The European Sustainable Energy Awards show that solutions for the future exist; it’s now up to all of us to help mainstream them as quickly as possible. As the major network of European cities, Eurocities is strongly committed to making this happen!"