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European Sustainable Energy Week
News article12 March 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Drawing inspiration from last year's Sustainable Energy Days

Drawing inspiration

As we gear up for the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2024 with a renewed commitment to promoting clean energy, the anticipation for this year’s Sustainable Energy Days is palpable. After the resounding success of last year’s events, which saw a myriad of engaging initiatives of various formats, we are preparing for another round of inspiration, collaboration, and action.

With over 100 Sustainable Energy Days held worldwide during EUSEW 2023, communities from bustling city centres to tranquil rural landscapes came together to explore, learn, and champion sustainable energy solutions in diverse and creative ways. These events provided participants with great opportunities to connect with their community and gain firsthand insights into the energy transition on a local level.

Read on to explore some of them and draw inspiration for organising your own Sustainable Energy Day.

Warming up to sustainable living

In a highly informative event last year called ‘Drop-in Clinics, the Irish Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative, alongside Tipperary Libraries, addressed their community’s sustainable energy queries. The event took place in Nenagh Library, where experts set up a dedicated stand and offered practical tips on reducing energy consumption, enhancing home insulation, and accessing grants for energy-efficient upgrades.

Exploring how the climate system works through play

The Entrenaranjos International School in Valencia, Spain, led an immersive workshop titled ‘The climate mural’, engaging students aged 14 to 18 in an interactive game. Using cards to create an environmental narrative and ‘illustrate’ this in a mural, the students explored the intricate mechanics of our climate system, while emphasising the pivotal role of education in ensuring sustainable development for future generations.

Empowering energy equity

During the webinar ‘Supporting energy communities in tackling energy poverty and gender inequality: skill up!’ last June, the BeCoop, DECIDE, POWERPOOR, and W4RES projects united to show the way towards inclusive energy solutions. Through dynamic discussions, the event addressed combatting energy poverty, empowering citizen decision-making, and promoting gender equality in renewable energy, ensuring women are not excluded from the clean energy transition.

Sun-kissed cuisine: cooking solar-powered delights

Amidst the historic Fabrica Hills in Paphos, Cyprus, and the grounds of the exhibition space TERRA ARTE cy, a ‘Solar Vegan Cooking Sun Day’  event was held in August 2023.  It featured a demonstration of vegan cooking using solar power, alongside an engaging workshop where attendees learned to construct and use a low-tech solar cooker, contributing to environmental decarbonisation and embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Apply now for your Sustainable Energy Day

Looking ahead to the Sustainable Energy Days of 2024, the possibilities are endless. From dynamic panel discussions to hands-on workshops, and green technology presentations to outdoor community happenings, there should be something for everyone to get involved in.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now to organise an impactful event between March and June 2024 and make a difference in your community.

In the meantime, why not explore the interactive map for more inspiration from past events? It is a treasure trove of ideas waiting to be discovered. Additionally, you can dive into this article for valuable tips on how to set up a successful Sustainable Energy Day. Good luck!