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European Sustainable Energy Week
News blog6 September 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Five ways to boost your career by attending a EUSEW Policy Conference session

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The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is dedicated to enabling conversations that lead to concrete action. For those who work in pushing for renewable and clean energy in Europe and beyond, the sessions at this year’s Policy Conference are the perfect opportunity to boost your career and ensure that your work has an impact.

Learn about how you can benefit from attending this year’s Policy Conference, and bookmark some of the sessions we have selected to get you started.



Looking towards the long term is key when it comes to reshaping Europe’s energy systems. Hearing from innovators about how they imagine the next 20 years will give you the opportunity to think big and explore the potential of different initiatives.

Learn more:

European Youth Energy Day: How will our energy future look in 20 years?
Building blocks to electrify mobility: now and the future



Conversations about Europe’s energy transition are only as valuable as the outcomes they produce. Being able to learn from concrete examples where energy-positive initiatives have already been put into action will help you discover best practices and learn from their on-the-ground insights.


Lessons on climate neutrality and energy independence from the EU islands
Energy Efficiency and renewable energies to drive building energy performance: local examples from the Mediterranean regions



People, whether individual citizens, or projects and communities working, are the real force behind Europe’s shift to sustainable energy. Hearing from those already having an impact is the perfect way to learn how they got to where they are now and hear what advice they have for others.

Draw inspiration from:

EUSEW Awards Ceremony
Repowering Europe by empowering energy communities: a perspective on digital and social innovation



Bringing together different voices from across the clean energy landscape is key to stimulate original ideas and boost cooperation. Take advantage of the diverse panels present at EUSEW this year to hear about what different groups are doing and picture where you and your work could fit in.

Take part:

Towards energy aware behaviours: how studies on young generations can inform better policy design
Making the sun shine at night: what is needed to build a 100% renewable-based energy system?



It would not be a Policy Conference without a focus on in-depth conversations about Europe’s goals and priorities. Hearing from key policymakers in the field about next steps and new initiatives is key to ensuring your finger is on the pulse.

Our suggestion:

REPowerEU: save energy, diversify, build a greener EU energy system
The role of taxation in ensuring the EU’s strategic energy autonomy while achieving decarbonisation




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