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Everyone has a part to play: citizen engagement and energy efficiency

By Marianna Montauti – YES-Europe Member. Energy efficiency is a key strategic priority for the EU. The combined actions of consuming energy in a cost-effective way and minimising energy waste will be essential to reduce our primary energy consumption and solve the energy trilemma (security of ...

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Throwback to last year’s Sustainable Energy Days: takeaways for 2023

Over 100 Sustainable Energy Days took place around the world under the umbrella of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2022. From Luxembourg to Ukraine and from Panama to India, events with original formats gave the participants the opportunity to implement solutions, forge relationships ..

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Lower bills and greater skills: what is on the European energy policy agenda?

The soaring energy prices have citizens demanding more from Europe’s clean energy transition. Alongside the challenge of addressing climate change, European energy policy has ambitious socio-economic targets, and the European Year of Skills clearly reflects this agenda: how can the sustainable ...

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Social safeguards: the key to a successful renovation wave

By Marine Cornelis, Next Energy Consumer. The Renovation Wave aims to drive forward EU climate and social commitments by improving energy efficiency and sustainability in homes whilst protecting the most vulnerable. Regrettably, in some areas, renovation policies are causing “renovictions”, as retr

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Climate leadership – what does it really mean?

By Seamus Hoyne, FEDARENE. As we face the unprecedented challenges of the climate, biodiversity and energy security crisis, the need for leadership in society is in the spotlight. While the policy and regulatory environment (REPowerEU, Fitfor55, Green Deal etc.) is highly ambitious the challenge ...

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Holistic approaches to Europe’s energy transition: listening to young people

By Helena Millet, Project Assistant at ThinkYoung. Young people lie at the cruel intersection of climate change catastrophe, spiralling rental costs, and energy price inflation. Gen Z are coming of age in an era of unprecedented turbulence in global markets and societies and approach these ...

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From conversation to action: how to organise an impactful Sustainable Energy Day

Hosting a Sustainable Energy Day is your opportunity to shape the conversation around renewables and drive meaningful change in your community. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to learn from thousands of Sustainable Energy Days across Europe and beyond. We observed that conversations are

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The hydrogen revolution is no solo effort – the need for hydrogen partnerships

By Dr. Thomas Hillig, THEnergy. The shift towards a green hydrogen economy is expensive – experts expect investments of more than a dozen of trillion euros from now to 2050. It is obvious that no country in the world can handle this unprecedented challenge by itself. The need for cooperation ...

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How to engage best with the clean energy community at the EUSEW Energy Fair

Building a proactive, well-informed and supportive sustainable energy community is crucial to meeting Europe’s climate goals. The Energy Fair at the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2023 is designed to facilitate fruitful interaction between professionals paving the way to Europe’s clean ...