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  • Secretary General at the European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council


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Luca Bertalot is the Secretary General of the EMF-ECBC, representing the interests of EU mortgage lenders and the international covered bond community, in discussions with the European Institutions and stakeholders in general on all issues relating to the retail and funding sides of the mortgage business.

— A sustainable economy has to be built on around the concept of Home, the cornerstone of citizens interest, centred on an ESG ‘ecosystem’ that promotes green values and raises environmental awareness. We need to accelerate the energy transition laying the foundations for a win-win economic paradigm which secures both social inclusion and financial stability.

  • European Climate Pact Ambassador in France


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Recent graduate from Political Science with a Master's degree in International Public Management. The last two years have helped Agathe Claverie focus on climate and energy policies and fully understand the necessity for a fair energy transition worldwide.

— It is never too late to make the future greener.

  • Executive Director at Next Energy Consumer


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Marine Cornelis is the executive director of Next Energy Consumer. She focuses on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at European and international levels. Her work bridges the needs and experience of civil society, scientific communities, business and policymakers.

— "You're never too young to lead and never too old to learn". Kofi Annan

  • Co-founder of Venezia Autentica and Overtourism Solution.


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Valeria Duflot believes in a green and equitable world. Through her work, she builds solutions, challenges outdated mindsets, and empowers others to make an impact. She is an award-winning social entrepreneur, a passionate advocate of systems transformation and an empathetic adviser to leaders of all kinds.

— For our energy systems to truly go green and digital, we will need to foster systems level change by enabling collective learning and innovation across boundaries and agendas.

  • Head of Technology Transfer, Coordinator of EU-funded projects in Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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Alexandra Garatzogianni is the purpose-driven Executive and Coordinator of H2020 IA Consortia in diverse domains, committed to driving positive societal impact. She is a strong believer in the transformative capabilities and dynamic potential of innovation ecosystems and particularly motivated to tackle challenges and wicked problems.

— Uniting our richly diverse capabilities and skills, we are uniquely positioned to positively and sustainably transform our living spaces and experiences for the next generations.

  • Managing Director at THEnergy


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Thomas Hillig is the founder and Managing Director of THEnergy, a boutique consultancy established in 2013 focusing on microgrids, renewable energy, corporate PPAs & hydrogen. THEnergy assisted numerous companies in their journey towards decarbonisation and led several large-scale due diligence processes.

— Accelerating the energy transition is about making first-movers adopt new sustainable energy solutions - and helping them to spread the word.

  • Policy Director and Communication Director at EEIP


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Dusan Jakovljevic is a co-founder and Policy and Communication Director at EEIP, a policy and business platform for industrial energy transition. He is the founder of #EuroBubble Twitter live monitoring free tool at

— The success of energy transition in the EU depends on the broadest open debate of all stakeholders, from NGOs and industry, to financial sector and policy makers.

  • Country Coordinator at the European Climate Pact


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Fons Janssen, holding a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, works for the European Climate Pact, is the Netherlands liaison for the European Young Energy Network, Ambassador of the Netherlands young professional sustainability foundation KEK, member of a local energy cooperative Beepower and supports youth participation via Jong RES Nederland.

— Realists are right, Optimists have success.

  • Secretary General at EuroACE / Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign


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Adrian Joyce is the Secretary General of EuroACE - Energy Efficient Buildings, and the Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign. He is a professionally qualified architect who, having graduated from University College Dublin in 1984, has spent 17 years in private practice.

— When it comes to the energy efficiency of buildings, sitting on our hands is no longer an option.

  • Founder and CEO at Energy Shift Europe Limited


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Filip Koprčina is the founder of Energy Shift, a blockchain powered platform that enables citizens to jointly invest in and co-own solar farms. He has previously worked in a solar installation company, as well as advised Big Oil companies and the UN, and won the EUSEW Young Energy Trailblazer Award in 2021.

— Invest in the change you want to see in the world, because Shift Happens!