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Finding a path for younger generations to the energy sector
  • News blog

By Nevin Alija and Lea Tatry. In a transforming global economy, the energy sector faces challenges and opportunities – from energy security risks to a clean energy shift, reshaping jobs and skills. Yet, with an aging workforce, attracting young talent is vital.

  • 5 min read
EU Energy Communities legislation 2.0
  • News blog

By Dirk Vansintjan, Stavroula Pappa, and Felix Kriedemann. Despite varying responses from Member States, the EU continues to advance important legislation recognising energy communities’ roles in the clean energy transition.

  • 5 min read
Curbing energy demand: not tomorrow, but now
  • News blog

By Davide Sabbadin and Alberto Vela. What strategies can Europe employ to further reduce carbon emissions through energy conservation, and how critical are effective planning and strong policies in this effort?

  • 3 min read
Bridging the climate financing gap
  • News blog

By Alba Forns Albuixech and Kristina Lyubomirova Lazarova. Although climate finance has seen steady growth, achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement remains a challenge. What progress have we made, and what obstacles still stand in our way?

  • 6 min read
Supporting affordable and social housing in taking on the challenge of renovation
  • News blog

By Sorcha Edwards. The European Affordable Housing Consortium, SHAPE-EU, led by Housing Europe, is dedicated to fast-tracking the energy transition in the sector. Through innovative projects and tools, it advocates for a socially inclusive Renovation Wave alongside the New European Bauhaus.

  • 4 min read