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European Sustainable Energy Week
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Sustainable Energy Days Guidelines

Give visibility to your event


The European Sustainable Energy Week’s (EUSEW) ‘Sustainable Energy Days’ initiative is designed to bring various events organised by stakeholders under the umbrella of the EUSEW community. This acknowledgment serves to integrate these events into the broader EUSEW framework, thereby increasing visibility and promoting synergy between the individual initiatives and the overarching goals of the European Sustainable Energy Week.

These events can take place anywhere around the world, promoting clean energy and energy efficiency, as well as contributing to the development or implementation of climate-neutral solutions or technologies for a community, a business, or an industry. In the current context of the energy transition and independence of the energy supply, every Sustainable Energy Day is an opportunity to inspire behavioural changes and innovation towards meeting energy and climate goals in the EU and globally.

Sustainable Energy Days will be held between 1 March and 30 June 2025, exploring a variety of topics in sessions of different formats and durations.

You can be creative! A Sustainable Energy Day event might focus on awareness-raising, centre around a specific activity, or highlight a particular technology or policy. It may address a local community or even an entire region. Sustainable Energy Days can take place in public or private buildings, as well as outdoors or online. Past events have been held in locations such as schools, parks, town halls, factories, and conference centres.