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European Sustainable Energy Week
EUSEW 2023 Highlights

Our selection of unmissable moments and insights from this year’s European Sustainable Energy Week.

Browse our day-by-day collection of photos, tweets and quotes from EUSEW 2023:

EUSEW snapshots

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This is EUSEW: our highlights from Day 3

I don’t like the statement “we have to be carbon neutral by 2050.” That’s too late. Either we go big and fast, or we go bust.

Claude Turmes – Minister for Energy, Minister for Spatial Planning, The Luxembourg Government, Luxembourg
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The more we invest in the energy transition, and the more we invest in renewables, the more we give thousands of young people to get a strong stable job going forwards

Pierre Tardieu – Chief Policy Officer, Wind Europe
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Markets will work better if we reduce – hopefully eliminate totally – the subsidies that go to the fossil fuel sector.

Simon Davies – Senior Economist, COWI
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If you think challenge is fun - it will get much more fun. Think of steel, cement, aluminium, chemicals - all this stuff we’re sitting on and looking at. Decarbonising that will be a real challenge.

Diederik Samsom – Head of Cabinet of Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans
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⚡️ Rewatch the session: Closing session

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“Make the market work by adapting the electricity to gas price ratio, and manufacturing will follow” @ThomasNowakEU on the EU's net zero industry act at #EUSEW2023.

If we want to boost clean heat & clean jobs in 🇪🇺, electricity should be no more than twice the price of gas!

— EHPA (@helloheatpumps) June 22, 2023


Listening to a panel on heating decarbonization. Public funding is frequently seen as a tool to derisk/attract private investment. What about poor households overlooked by private investors? Who will cover their transition? #EUSEW2023#leavingnooebehind

— Anna Zsofia Bajomi (@AnnaBajomi) June 22, 2023


System flexibility is the backbone for a zero emission power system by 2035, largely based on #renewables. For that to happen, the EU needs to go big and fast on flexibility by regulating #storage, #datacentres, #batteries and vehicle-to-grid technologies

— Claude Turmes (@ClaudeTurmes) June 22, 2023


66% of solar in Europe comes from rooftop solar. The key to energy storage lies in home and a reform in net-metering and promotion of prosumers, energy communities and demand response.

— Sotiris Kyprianou (@sotiriskyp) June 22, 2023

This is EUSEW: our highlights from Day 2

The most effective solution when it comes to energy poverty is to work on energy efficiency, and on a just and inclusive transition.

Mechthild Wörsdörfer – Deputy Director-General, Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission

We need to create an environment where daily decisions will be climate-sound because they are cheaper, safer, quicker.

Ada Amon – Chief Advisor to the Mayor of Budapest on Climate Affairs at Budapest City Hall
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Happy, healthy, high-performing buildings is what we are looking at in the future.

Julie Kjestrup – President - Head of Policy and Thought Leadership, EuroACE - VELUX
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There is a skill that we are missing [at local government], which is gender impact assessment, because we will find much more women among the energy poor.

Kata Tüttő – Deputy Mayor of Budapest & CoR Member, Budapest & Committee of the Regions
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For the energy transition to succeed it needs to work for all, not just for energy geeks. Energy sharing and communities are a tool to enable people to benefit from lower prices. But consumer rights need to be same as for 'traditional' energy market -

— The Consumer Voice (@beuc) June 21, 2023


Homes is where the heart is & with an ambitious & socially sound EU Building's directive #EPBD, we can deliver a more fair and inclusive #energytransition in buildings. Here the main takeaways from our #EUSEW2023 session on buildings!

— Mónica Vidal (@mononokita) June 21, 2023


Messages signed by 'Sincerely, EUSEW Young' are taking over the event!

At #EUSEW2023, Young Energy Ambassadors are curating their own discussion - quite literally taking note of what matters to them most 💌✍️

Join us in Brussels & see for yourself👇

— European Sustainable Energy Week (@euenergyweek) June 21, 2023

This is EUSEW: our highlights from Day 1

Home grown green energy and energy efficiency is the only solution to cheaper, cleaner and more energy security in the long term.

Kadri Simson – European Commissioner for Energy, European Commission
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⚡️ Rewatch the session: Opening 

I will not retire until 2060, so I’m really frustrated when people are talking about solving climate change for our children: it’s our generation that needs to solve the climate crisis and fix our energy system. This is about us.

Emma Wiesner – Member of the European Parliament, European Parliament
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⚡️ Rewatch the session: Opening 

The renewable energy industry wants to expand, but needs skilled employees, we need to respond with education, research, and most of all proving that jobs in the transition sector are attractive and have a future with an enormous potential.

Ebba Busch – Minister for Energy, Business and Industry, Sweden
Ebba Busch

⚡️ Rewatch the session: Opening 

If we want people to work on new solutions for the energy sector, we need to make these jobs more attractive than working at banks.

Olga Malinkiewicz - Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Saule Technologies
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⚡️ Rewatch the session: Opening 

It's a fantastic opportunity today to train people and to reduce unemployment. It's not a problem. It's not a loss, it's a gain.

Bertrand Piccard – Chairman, Solar Impulse Foundation
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⚡️ Rewatch the session: Debate with Ambassadors

Energy communities could be a potentially super powerful and revolutionary vehicle to transform our energy system. It is important that we envision a future together with people whose future is at stake.

Heleen Schockaert – Project Manager,
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Great that young professionals inspire students and other young workers how you can lead the European energy transition. This is Helen who works for @REScoopEU and explains the donut economy as a better metrics how countries 🇨🇬🇧🇪 are performing.

— Fons Janssen #mastodonmigration (@AJJJanssen) June 20, 2023


🇪🇺 Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, paid a visit to our shared stand with @eumayors and the #CovenantofCompanies at #EUSEW2023. ⚡

We got the chance to tell her more about the initiatives and update her on the newest actions! Check out the pictures below 👇👇

— Smart Cities Marketplace (@EUSmartCities) June 20, 2023


So well said, @flacamera: Just transition means that we are moving from one world today to a different, less unequal world tomorrow.

— Esmeralda Colombo (@ColomEsmeralda) June 20, 2023