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European Sustainable Energy Week
News blog26 April 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency3 min read

Five steps to organising a successful sustainable energy day

Sustainable energy days

Taking place in both physical and online formats around the world, Sustainable Energy Days are your opportunity to bring conversations about renewable energy to your community, wherever you are in the world. Follow our guide to make sure you and your audience get the most out of your renewable energy event.


What is it about renewable energy that gets you excited? Sharing your passion is a sure-fire way to guarantee offering something valuable to your audience. Perhaps there is a local push for sustainable energy that you want to spread the word about, or you want to help other stakeholders in your field prepare for the energy transition? Work out what it is that matters to you and how to turn it into a valuable experience for your audience.

Europeans are more aware than ever of the importance of a clean energy transition: get inspired by Dirk Vansintjan’s insights on why current events show that we need to push for change.


Sustainable Energy Days are all about community, and this can mean different things in different contexts. You may wish to target your geographical community, bringing together locals around an issue impacting your town or neighbourhood specifically, or perhaps there is a niche community in your field you want to gather over an online coffee morning.

While you are thinking about who you want to reach with your event, remember that 2022 is the European Year of Youth, so why not get young people involved in your activity?


Sustainable Energy Days are an opportunity to get creative with the format of your event. Maybe your town has a unique landmark or outdoor space that would be the perfect backdrop for an activity aimed at young citizens, or perhaps a hybrid format is better to combine online and physical participation? Past events have included lectures, roundtables, debates, guided tours and yoga classes: the sky is the limit!

Keep accessibility in mind when you are thinking about your event format so that as many people as possible can get involved.


Reaching the right audience will be key to making your Sustainable Energy Day a success, so once you have defined the event, make sure your target audience knows about it. How you do this will depend on who you want to engage and what tools you have at hand. An event aimed at a local community might gain more visibility through public noticeboards or flyers, while subject-specific newsletters and social media are likely to be the key to reaching stakeholders and experts who are already more active in the renewable energy community.

Take advantage of the promotional materials in the Sustainable Energy Days toolkit to boost the visibility of your event.


The EUSEW community is constantly growing and evolving. Hearing about your experiences organising a Sustainable Energy Day means we can continue to build on past successes and find new ways to mobilise individuals as well as organisations around Europe’s clean energy transition.

You will be contacted shortly after your event is published on the map with a feedback form to fill out: make sure you respond with as much detail as possible.

Ready to bring the renewable energy conversation to your community? Register your Sustainable Energy Day now!



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