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European Sustainable Energy Week
EUSEW 2022 Highlights

Our selection of unmissable moments and insights from last year’s European Sustainable Energy Week.

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Policy Conference Programme (26-29 September)
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31 AUGUST 2022
Extended Programme (19-23 September)
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Europe needs to be there for those in difficulty: it has to show families its added value […] emergency interventions are absolutely necessary, no doubt, but these interventions have to be temporary

Susana Solis Pérez - Member of the European Parliament
Susana Solis Perez Image

We can say with high confidence that the energy crisis will increase female energy poverty and would increase the burden of care for women […] we have to have data we have to have statistics, we have to have gender analysis

Milana Rikanovic - Programme Management Specialist, Head of UN Women Serbia
Milana Rikanovic

Rooftop solar panels, heat pumps, hydrogen, bio methane - if we can deliver on these issues we won’t be just delivering on sustainability but on security as well

Matthew Baldwin - Deputy Director-General, DG ENER
Matthew Baldwin

⚡️ Rewatch the session: Keynote speech on Decarbonisation

We are getting our policy documents proofread by a grumpy teenager […] there’s nothing as impactful as an intelligent and knowledgeable child telling you something

Guri Bugge - Climate Coordinator, Viken County
Guri Bugge

We’ve put the first brick, just yesterday we launched with the European Commission the Biomethane Partnership, and this will help us make sure that we get rid of the existing barriers for the deployment of renewable gases

Giulia Cancian - Secretary General, European Biogas Association
Giulia Cancian
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What a #EUSEW - gives encouragement, energy, hope and direction for the acceleration of the changes of our energy systems: Reliable & affordable, independent & green!

— Margrethe Vestager (@vestager) September 29, 2022


If we had done all we had been doing now to accelerate the energy transition before, we wouldn't be in this crisis situation - Annegret Groebel from @CEERenergy   #EUSEW2022

— The Consumer Voice (@beuc) September 29, 2022


🔝event with solutions to make #Europe a decarbonized region by 2050,@euenergyweek!

"It's clear that🇪🇺needs to📈the use of long-term #EnergyStorage to fulfil the #EUGreenDeal targets & the #RepowerEU#energy policy strategy." @FerretRaquel,Business Devt.Mngr. of CIC energiGUNE🔋

— CIC energiGUNE (@energigune_brta) September 29, 2022


Examples of how governments can support #EnergyCommunities:
✅ Exempting them from certain tendering procedures
✅ Becoming a member
✅ Setting up one-stop shops
✅ Including thresholds for #CitizenParticipation in #RenewableEnergy projects

🎙️ Myriam Castanié at

— REScoop EU (@REScoopEU) September 29, 2022
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The only way we as Europeans will increase our energy sovereignty and self-reliance is through renewable energy […] the only way we can make sure that nobody can blackmail us in the future is to have our own energy resources

Frans Timmermans - Executive Vice-President European Commission
Frans Timmermans photo

The potential availability of sustainable biomass is more than sufficient to allow advanced and waste biomass fuels to drive us to carbon neutrality

Emanuela Sardellitti - Advocacy Strategy Executive, FuelsEurope
Emanuela Sardellitti photo

We do have solutions which are sustainable, convenient, and effective, but we are in a situation where the measures that are being discussed are a patchwork

Monica Frassoni - President of the European Alliance to Save Energy
Monica Frassoni Image

The armed forces are large consumers of energy and are responsible for majority of governmental shares of the CO2 emissions. At the same time, we cannot afford to reduce our military capabilities.

Raphaela Engel - Policy Officer, European External Action Service
Raphaela Engel Photo

I’m sick and tired of hearing ‘innovation’ we need scale-up […] we need just basic solar panels, and there is no innovation, there is just a need for support

Alexandra Sombsthay - VP Europe – Akuo Energy
Alexandra Sombsthay
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The best energy is the energy not used and secondly renewable energy produced locally for sustainability and energy independence - Claudia Canevari @Energy4Europe#EUSEW2022 developing #energycitizenship is crucial here, see project

— Karin Thalberg (@thalkarin) September 28, 2022


Proud to launch the Biomethane Industrial Partnership at #EUSEW!

We are at a critical moment for #EU’s #energy security. Russia’s manipulation of energy markets forces us to act. Developing home-grown green energy production is a perfect way to end our fossil fuel dependency.

— Kadri Simson (@KadriSimson) September 28, 2022


.@sorcha_edwards shares examples from the #socialhousing sector that speed energy efficiency up. The Netherlands has put a clear scenario for decarbonisation so that housing providers can have a clear vision. Estonia has ensured low-interest loans for renovation.

— Housing Europe (@HousingEurope) September 28, 2022


@ClotildeClark1 at the #EUSEW2022 💡:

🇪🇺 funding must be earmarked for the most vulnerable

⚒️renovation projects should be aimed at local populations to avoid rent increase

🏠move from temporary accommodation to #HousingFirst as it increases energy efficiency & social impact

— FEANTSA (@FEANTSA) September 28, 2022
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You may have the best most ambitious policies, but if they are not accepted by consumers [...] you can forget about it

Paula Pinho - Director for Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER), European Commission
Paula Pinho Image

⚡️ Rewatch the session: Keynote speech on Digitalisation

Matters in Ukraine have given the status quo a shake and we need to make sure we keep the lights on, as well as ensuring the energy transition

Ciarán Cuffe - Member of European Parliament and President of EUFORES (Ireland, Greens)

What is often perceived as lack of recognition is often also just lack of information. Once people understand better how energy communities work, we will see the shift happening

Myriam Castanié - Coordinator, Energy Communities Repository
Myriam Castanié photo

It’s not just about finance, there are many types of support, and it’s the softer skills support that is sometimes more important

Paul McCormack - Green H2 Proponent, Belfast Met
Paul McCormack Photo

We need to be making those connections between energy, food, and the climate crisis

Tim Gould - Chief Economist, International Energy Agency
Tim Gould photo
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Today at #EUSEW2022@mgracacarvalho talks about the need for "non intermittent sources of energy and biomass" in the energy mix! Well said 👏

— Manon_Roussel (@ManonMRoussel) September 27, 2022


Very interesting conference at #EUSEW2022 on the role of #biomethane in greening the pipeline, accelerating EU🇪🇺’s #EnergyTransition & improving #EnergySecurity.
All actors need to be involved to reach the objectives of #REPowerEU & double biomethane production by 2⃣0⃣3⃣0⃣!

— GD4S (@gd4s_eu) September 27, 2022


Thank you @csikow for reminding that #infrastructure is the 1️⃣ element that provides us with resilience, security, renewables..

« It is often the less fancy element to focus on, but it is essential » Still, together we build and maintain the most reliable grid! 👏 #EUSEW2022

— Remy Garaude Verdier (@rgaraude) September 27, 2022


Afternoon sessions kick off at #EUSEW2022: among other important points, @Pinhopau and @PODcloudEU stress that data is the currency of digitalization and interoperability is key; huge potential for #digitaltwins in the energy space

— Bernardo Matos (@berlaymatos) September 27, 2022
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Clean energy gives freedom, and brings more peace

Yaroslav Demchenkov - Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine
Yaroslav Demchenkov Image

⚡️ Rewatch the session: Opening session

There is no need for awareness anymore, it’s about showing that there are solutions

Claire Roumet - Director of Energy Cities and EUSEW High-Level Jury
Claire Roumet image

⚡️ Rewatch the session: EUSEW Awards Ceremony

It’s not only about energy, but it’s about democracy: when people get empowered about their energy production […] it empowers them as well as a citizen, as part of a democracy

Dirk Vansintjan - President at and EUSEW Digital Ambassador
Dirk Vansintjan Image

⚡️ Rewatch the session: Debate with Ambassadors

Energy transition is no longer what we need: we need a fast transformation of our energy system

Roland Tual - Project Manager,
Roland Tual, Project Manager,

Energy security is renewable energy. This is exactly what it means. It’s important that we are looking 10, 20, 30 years into the future.

Tobias Holle - Fridays for Future Germany
Tobbias Holle
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We did it!! We are the winners of the #EUSEW2022 award for the innovation category! 🎊🎊🎊 thanks everyone who voted for us. It is really a honour!

— Muse Grids_H2020 (@MuseGrids) September 26, 2022


"We should ask how my energy is produced AND who benefits from it" Ukraine's deputy minister for energy calls for a new dimension to the definition of sustainability.

Imported fossil energy fuels more than climate change.
Powerful start to

— Louise Sunderland (@sunderlandlouis) September 26, 2022


.@roland_tual of @REScoopEU showcases how #energycooperatives around the 🇪🇺 come together to work on solutions to better balance #renewables#production and electricity #consumption & to allow #citizens to participate in the

— REScoopVPP (@REScoopVPP) September 26, 2022


2022 is the European Year of Youth!

I just had an inspiring dialogue with young #energy⚡️ enthusiasts to wrap-up my day at #EUSEW2022.

Great interaction on #cleanenergy & on the future of energy in the #EU 🇪🇺

— Kadri Simson (@KadriSimson) September 26, 2022


I was delighted about the quality of discussion at #EUSEW2022, highlighting the critical intersection between #climate, #digitalisation and #energysecurity.

— Ann Mettler (@AnnMettler) September 26, 2022
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