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European Sustainable Energy Week
News article14 March 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Throwback to last year’s Sustainable Energy Days: takeaways for 2023

Last year’s Sustainable Energy Days blog image

Over 100 Sustainable Energy Days took place around the world under the umbrella of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2022. From Luxembourg to Ukraine and from Panama to India, events with original formats gave the participants the opportunity to implement solutions, forge relationships and build first-hand knowledge about the energy transition.  

Discover some of the highlights and take note of the innovative techniques that were used to push forward the energy transition at a local level.   


One event last year found a creative way to promote sustainable mobility through bikes: a cycling tour across Italy from Naples to Loreto, following the path of Saint Francesco Caracciolo. Oceanus planned the 5 stages of the trip covering over 630 km to highlight the need for low-impact mobility. 

Our takeaway: an innovative format can focus attention and boost awareness.  


What better way to inspire citizens about energy renovations of our public buildings than to host an event in the beautiful town hall of historic Heraklion? Attendees including both locals and specialists were invited to join the event and hear about the EU-funded project to undertake energy renovations of historic buildings.   

Our takeaway: original venues are the perfect way to match form and content.  


Highlighting the gendered dimension of energy poverty is key to ensuring a just transition, and this series of workshops by the Spanish Association of Women for Energy invited people from a broad range of sectors to share their views on the vital role played by women in the sustainable energy transition. Discussions focussed on integrating the gender perspective into the energy transition and the challenges and opportunities it presents.  

Our takeaway: inclusion is key, so think about how your event can bring it to the forefront.  


Making important progress on the sustainability agenda also means taking a moment to appreciate bright new solutions. At an Amazon-rainforest themed launch party for a new debit card that plants trees with every use, eco2wallet invited the public to find out about their initiative and remind us why such actions are vital to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.  

Our takeaway: celebrating wins is key to ensuring future success.  

The call to register a Sustainable Energy Day is now closed, but you can take part in the events by exploring the interactive map to find out what is taking place in your area. 



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